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Continuing a Tradition of Innovation

Welcome to the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company in the US.

ZyVet, has emerged as a leader in companion animal health sciences and is committed to meet the needs of the growing animal health generics market. We manufacture a wide spectrum of bioequivalent generic drugs. ZyVet’s animal health roots reach back over 20 years and is a wholly-owned division of Zydus Lifesciences—the global leader in human generics pharmaceuticals that has received USFDA approval on hundreds of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) and has hundreds of ANDAs pending approvals. Through our relationship with Zydus we are able to leverage resources and expertise to accelerate ZyVet’s impact in the animal health sector. 

Positioned to be next leading animal health company.

Our mission at ZyVet is to meet the growing needs of the animal health industry through the development of strategic partnerships. Like human pharmaceuticals, generics have become the cornerstone of the animal health industry. Today, generic offerings greatly contribute to the veterinary value proposition. Clients expect pharmaceutical alternatives to the more expensive branded products. And with the highest levels of performance and consistency. Our manufacturing partners expect no less, so we champion these thriving opportunities with exceedingly high standards of performance at every stage of the process.

A truly global footprint.

ZyVet offers immense capacity with FDA-approved AOI manufacturing plants in North America, dedicated solely to the animal health industry. And with the successful heritage of Zydus, we provide a global footprint that’s poised to lead the way in animal health generics

Let’s dream together.

We are an organization that empowers our team of professionals to dream. This drives our belief in the power of collaboration with our business partners. Together, we are passionate about understanding the business landscape, its challenges and then supporting your vision with enthusiasm and creativity.

An indispensable partner through every step.

Our continued investment in development and manufacturing uniquely positions us as an indispensable partner to the industry. We address the resources and nuances involved in producing quality animal health medicines, then proactively manage a detailed plan. From concept and approval to production and packaging, ZyVet’s vertical integration model ensures an end-to-end supply of our product offerings. From facilities to our distributors and, ultimately, to the veterinary clinics, we manage 360-degree, go-to-market plans.  

Value the human-animal bond.

Our values at ZyVet stem from the desire to protect and enrich the human-animal bond with care and compassion. So, while the wellbeing of companion animals is our priority, we are vigilant in our support to the veterinary industry— the heart and soul of the human-animal bond. It’s why we are members of the Generic Animal Drug Alliance (GADA) and support organizations like the Animal Health Corridor and UVSA.

Experience across industries and across the globe.

Our seasoned and savvy leadership team is the heart of our success. They have experience operating at the highest levels of performance with equally high standards of integrity.